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works by Gija Kantscheli, Joseph Haydn, Gustav Mahler

8. Sinfoniekonzert 2016/17 //

Our »Artist in Residence«, the pianist Kathia Buniatishvili demonstrates her flexibility and versatility twice in one night when she celebrates the organically flowing acoustic cosmos of her Georgian compatriot Gija Kantscheli in his »Valse Boston«. This is followed by the sparkling tonal structures and unrestrained musical playfulness of Haydn’s piano concerto in D major, whose finale »all’Ungherese« enjoyed immense popularity during his lifetime.

The audience’s reaction to the premiere of Gustav Mahler’s first symphony in ­Vienna in 1900 must have been memorable. »From the very first moment (…) the audience was restless, bored, perplexed, they coughed, cleared their throats, even laughed with surprise and incomprehension.« And this, though Mahler had ­already cut the »Blumine« movement, the title ­»Titan« and the programmatic annotations. What remained was Mahler’s inimitable collage-like style, the multifaceted, often ironic references to his own works and traditional songs, and a playful tonal arrangement.