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Lutheran Symphonics //

The Reformation has long been tied to the name Martin Luther as it has to the ­development of the Protestant church hymn, without which the masterpieces of Johann Sebastian Bach would be unthinkable. What makes these hymns so appealing is their ability to invoke a personal experience of the Gospel. Aside from Luther’s translation of the Bible, individual religious participation through collective singing is considered to be one of Martin Luther’s greatest achievements. For him, music was the expression of creation and an indispensable part of his faith.

In 2017, the German Protestant Church Congress will stage various events in Weimar, highlighting Martin Luther's legacy in the region. In this context, we present the project »Lutheran Symphonics« by the composer Christian Sprenger, who will demonstrate the undiminished force of spiritual songs like »Ein feste Burg«, »Geh aus mein Herz« and »Lobe den Herren« in a new symphonic format. We ­invite you to partake in a musical experience of twelve chorale fantasies outside of the liturgy. Almost like short film scores – entirely in the spirit of Luther!