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„The Phantom of the Opera“ //

In the Parisian Opera: A mysterious phantom lurks behind the scenes, working to ensure that the young singer Christine lands the leading role. However, he is unable to win her heart, for it already belongs to the nobleman Raoul. In desperation, the phantom kidnaps her, taking her into the twisting catacombs of the building …

Produced in the USA in 1925, this was the first film based on Gaston Leroux’s legendary novel. Lon Chaney, »the man with a thousand faces«, was perfectly suited for the role and the movie was a box-office success. Audiences trembled in their seats – especially during scenes showing the phantom unmasked. Remastered in 1995, the film copy contains the most famous sequences in original colour. Carl Davis composed a film score in 1996 which not only includes numerous references to Gounod’s »Faust«, whose opera production served as the background of the story, but also reflects the phantom’s character. In the words of the composer: »Horror, pure horror.«