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works by Erich Wolfgang Korngold, George Gershwin and Dmitri Schostakowitsch

9th Symphony Concert //

Frank Strobel, the popular director of our silent film concerts, has been invited to conduct a symphony concert this season in which he cleverly tests the boundaries between musical styles and genres.

Korngold wrote the overture »Sursum corda« as a young man in Vienna where many were comparing him with none other than Mozart. Gershwin’s »Rhapsody in Blue« is a classic of symphonic jazz and the musical embodiment of the American way of life. Gershwin, the son of Russian Jewish immigrants, achieved his breakthrough in the ›classical‹ music scene in 1924 – and that despite the fact he wrote this wonderfully swinging work full of ›blue notes‹ for a jazz orchestra.

The work by Shostakovich has a surprisingly different sound, but is just as a high-spirited. With the aim of establishing ›Soviet jazz‹ at a professional level, Shostakovich created a masterful piece of vaudeville music with elements of waltz, polka and foxtrot that reflects the ›joie de vivre‹ of the 1920s.