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Eröffnungskonzert der 2. Liszt-Biennale Thüringen //

Franz Liszt: »Les Préludes«. Sinfonische Dichtung
Richard Wagner: Vorspiel und Liebestod aus »Tristan und Isolde«
Franz Liszt: Zwei Episoden aus Lenaus »Faust« S 110
Ludwig van Beethoven: Konzert für Klavier und Orchester Nr. 5 Es-Dur op. 73

From 31 May to 5 June 2017, the ­German Liszt Society will host the second edition of the Liszt Biennale, a festival celebrating the musical legacy of this world-class artist in Thuringia. The Staatskapelle ­Weimar, known worldwide as the »Liszt Orchestra« for its distinctive character which was influenced by Liszt during his years as Hofkapellmeister in Weimar, will kick off the festival with a top-rate programme. The »Scenes from Faust« are not based on Goethe’s drama, but rather on the more rustic version by Lenau, which embodies the ideal of a symphonic work rooted in the spirit of poetry. These are followed by the »Tristan« prelude and »Love-Death« by Richard Wagner, to whom Liszt offered asylum several times in Weimar and provided opportunities to present his works to the audience. 

Beethoven’s fifth piano concerto represents piano composition at its most masterful, whose intimate dialogue with the orchestra symbolises the role of the individual in society.