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Hotel Elephant


Die besondere Bücher-Lese im Hotel Elephant

Als wir noch Bücher lasen … //

»That one could touch a book like a body! One could open it, the hand sensing resistance and surrender, the writing in organised blocks, already visible, but not yet perceptible. The letters smelled like darkness and distance, one could hear the leaves rustle as they rushed past, an inexhaustible spring of outpouring time.« (Franz Fühmann)

At this event we devote ourselves entirely to the pleasure of reading books, and that in the fireside lounge of the Hotel Elephant - a venue which has seen 320 years of history and provided accommodation to some of those who have penned such impressive poetry. We, the dramaturges and actors of the DNT, will read from the books that are most important to us. And rediscover them together with you.

27 Nov. 2016 / 18 Dec. 2016 / 29 Jan. 2017 / 12 Mar. 2017
5 pm at the Hotel Elephant