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14 | 02 | 2014
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Friedrich Schiller

Intrigue and Love //

A Bourgeois Tragedy

Ferdinand is crazy for Luise and Luise is in head over heels in love with Ferdinand. But because of class differences – Luise is the daughter of a bourgeois citizen and Ferdinand is the son of a ducal president – they could never marry. Driven by their passion, the young lovers plan to secretly elope. It doesn’t take long, however, until word of this potential scandal spreads. With the aim of safeguarding their grip on power, the president and his secretary Wurm devise a perfidious intrigue. They intend to plant a seed of mistrust in Ferdinand to destroy his love for Luise from within. The plan works – it strikes at the core of their love and crushes it, but the damage it incurs is more grievous than they had foreseen. Ferdinand’s tender veneration has now ceded to raging jealousy, sparking an uncontrollable chain reaction that leaves a path of destruction in its wake.

Written in 1783, Schiller’s play presents a cruel experiment with love, one whose purpose is to find out how far it can be pushed and at what point it crumbles under the pressure of external forces and internal conflict. In Schiller’s day, his famous tragedy was more of a declaration of war against the status quo and an act of self-liberation, a radical accusation against a society whose insurmountable class boundaries could crush young love. Today, our focus is directed more strongly on the inner boundaries of love. Is it possible to have love, possess it and determine its duration? Must the loss of tenderness mutate into a desire to destroy one’s former beloved? Is the feeling of love so vague and light that at the first transgression it can transform into hostility? »You – Luise, and I and love! Does not all heaven lie within that circle? Or do you still need a fourth thing?« Ferdinand’s meaning is obvious, but what is the situation in reality? Schiller confronts his characters with a punishing ordeal which neither they nor their love can endure.

Bettina Bruinier will direct Schiller’s “bourgeois tragedy”. Following her studies in Opera and Play Directing at the August Everding Bavarian Theatre Academy, she directed productions at the Deutsches Theater Berlin, Schauspiel Frankfurt, Staatsschauspiel Dresden and Volkstheater München. Bettina Bruinier received the audience prize for her adaptation of Juli Zeh’s novel »Schilf« at the radikal jung festival in 2008.


Bettina Bruinier (director)
Volker Thiele (stage design)
Mareile Krettek (costumes)
Nora Khuon (dramaturgy)


Ingolf Müller-Beck (Präsident von Walter)
Jonas Schlagowsky (Ferdinand)
Fridolin Sandmeyer (Hofmarschall von Kalb)
Nadja Robiné (Lady Milford)
Tobias Schormann (Wurm)
Sebastian Nakajew (Miller)
Katharina Hackhausen (Luise)