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Großes Haus
15 | 02 | 2014
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Henrik Ibsen

The Master Builder //

A cooperation with the Bauhaus-University Weimar

Star architect and self-made man Halvard Solness is getting older, which hasn’t made him more relaxed. On the contrary, for some time now, he is fearful of the younger generation, fearful of being replaced. His concerns are not baseless, because he himself surpassed his former boss Brovik on his rapid climb up the career ladder; now the old, almost dying Brovik works as his assistant. And Brovik’s equally talented son Ragnar is the one person in his team, whom Solness completely relies on, but cannot under any circumstance permit to rise too quickly. Also Ragnar’s fiancée Kaja is more than just a secretary to Solness. Naturally, the strangely ossified relationship between the master builder and his wife Aline is not notably improved by this relationship.

In the midst of this complicated constellation, Hilde Wangel suddenly shows up wearing a backpack and hiking shoes – life comes knocking at his door. She wants to stay overnight. For the last ten years she’s been waiting for Solness, but he never came, so she decided to find him. Long ago, the successful architect had strongly impressed the young girl when she climbed a tower he had constructed. After that, as she reminds him, he kissed her and promised to fetch her like a troll. When Hilde appears, the ‘younger generation’ suddenly takes on a friendlier face. Even Mrs. Solness opens up and we learn why the children’s rooms are empty and the reason for the silence between the spouses. Although the years have increased his fear of heights, the master builder is driven to ever greater heights thanks to the arrival of Hilde Wangel…

Based on the architectural history of Weimar, the set and costumes of the play are being developed by Daniel Angermayr and Nini von Selzam together with an interdisciplinary group of students in the master’s degree programmes of »Media Architecture« and »Architecture« at the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar. Their task is to present an aesthetic equivalent to the conflict between the old and new generations. All models are shown after the premiere in the Foyer.

Following a work written and directed by Jan Neumann for the E-Werk, “The Master Builder” will be the second production Neumann will direct in the upcoming season at the DNT.

Jan Neumann (director)
Tomike Kublashivili/ Cornelius Oswald, in Zusamenarbeit mit Daniel Angermayr (stage design)
Micheale Kirsche/ Selma Kracht/ Xie Weiren, in Zusammenarbeit mit Nini von Selzam (costumes)
Bahadir Hamdemir (video)
Julie Paucker (dramaturgy)



Sebastian Kowski (Baumeister Halvard Solness)
Anna Windmüller (Aline Solness, seine Frau)
Johanna Geißler (Hilde Wangel)
Bernd Lange (Knut Brovik, ehemals Architekt, jetzt Assistent bei Solness)
Nora Quest (Kaja Fosli, seine Nichte)
Krunoslav Sebrek (Ragnar Browik, sein Sohn)
Lutz Salzmann (Doktor Herdal/ Hausarzt)