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02 | 04 | 2014
0 h 45 min
6 and older




Selim Doğru (Music), Sophie Kassies (Text)

Desert Wind //

Opera for children age 6 and up

Gülyanak is a very special girl. When she laughs, roses fall from her cheeks, her tears turn into pearls, and grass springs forth wherever she walks. Her aunt finds this so wonderful that she herself wishes to have such a daughter. It should be a girl who is adored by all and one day should become a queen. While Gülyanak, who is raised by poor but loving parents, seems to be showered by good luck, her cousin struggles to meet her mother’s expectations to be even better and more beautiful – ideally, to be just like Gülyanak. This is why she soon receives the nickname »Me Too«. When the Prince of India asks Gülyanak to marry him, the jealous aunt devises a cruel scheme... »Desert Wind« is the story of two girls whose friendship is constantly tested by others’ opinions and judgements, and how both must find their own way in life.


Selim Doğru, who has written numerous works for the stage in Turkey, Switzerland, Germany and the Netherlands, expands on the Turkish fairy tale with stylistic elements of Turkish music, which in combination with his own contemporary musical language, initiates a dialogue between cultures. His music does not emphasise so much the differences between these cultures – be it Turkish, Indian or our own – but rather expresses what they have in common through 

Dirk Sobe (conductor)
Sebastian Gühne (director)
Teresa Rinn (costumes)
Carolina Bellingradt (satge design)
Martina Stütz (dramaturgy)
Neele Kramer (Erzählerin/Mutter/Gülyanak/Ich-will-auch)
Benedikt Flörsch (Erzähler/Vater/Dschinn/Tante/Prinz/Hirte)
Annegret Fischer (Blockflöte)
Nora Thiele (Rahmentrommel)