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E-Werk Kesselsaal
14 | 12 | 2013
1 h 40 min




Jan Neumann

2,7 Seconds //

How long does a moment last?

„When you carry the light into one corner, you darken the rest.” Francis Bacon


The World Premiere took place on the 14th December 2013 in the E-Werk

Most everything fades into oblivion. With every life that extinguishes, with every object that disappears, a part of history darkens. The world empties itself – constantly. Countless memories would be lost forever if it wasn’t for someone who listened to them, recorded them and passed them on.

Remembering and forgetting are as inseparable as life and death, as creation and destruction. By remembering, we are confronted with the irreversibility of time which makes us ephemeral beings. The present slips away like sand running through our fingers. It vanishes into the current of oblivion the very moment we perceive it. The little memory that remains behind undergoes constant processing, modification and reinterpretation throughout our lives and is eventually put in relation to a new present – for when you remember, you are actively writing your own life history. Remembering is a form of design work, of invention and contrivance, like that of forgetting and suppressing – which in effect, makes it one of the greatest talents of humankind.

In developing the play, the writer and director Jan Neumann embarks on an investigative journey. He and his ensemble become hunters in search of material – together they uncover the things we’ve forgotten: muted photos, scrapped objects and abandoned locations, all of which can be found in Weimar and its eventful history.

After intensive research, interviews with contemporary witnesses and biographical investigation, the actors will approach the phenomenon of memory through scenic improvisations, which Jan Neumann will use as the basis for his play. How much truth is contained in memories and where does fictionalisation begin? What influences our historic awareness? Are digital collectors like Google and Facebook slowly replacing our collective memory?


Jan Neumann, born in 1975, began working at the DNT as an in-house director in the 2013/14 season. Following his studies in Acting at the Bavarian Theatre Academy in Munich, Jan Neumann established himself as a director and playwright. He has staged his plays in Frankfurt, Hannover and Stuttgart and directed productions in Bochum, Essen, Berlin and Dresden.


Jan Neumann (director)
Dorothee Curio (stage design and costumes)
Nils Wendtland (dramaturgy)


Nora Quest
Birgit Unterweger
Anna Windmüller
Christoph Heckel
Fridolin Sandmeyer
Michael Wächter