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Werke von Ingvar Lidholm, Wllhelm Stenhammar und Allan Pettersson

6th Symphony Concert 2013/14 //


Ingvar Lidholm “Kontakion”
Wilhelm Stenhammar Concerto No. 2 for piano and orchestra in D minor op. 23
Allan Pettersson Symphony No. 7


Today he is regarded as one of the great old men of Nordic modernity – although it took him years to achieve success during his lifetime. Allan Pettersson’s breakthrough and international acclaim finally came with the world premiere of his seventh symphony in 1968. Typical of his Nordic personality, Pettersson drew inspiration from a wide range of influences. After studying in Paris under Honegger, Milhaud, Messiaen and Leibowitz, he embarked on his own path away from the abstract-constructivist tendencies of the musical avantgarde toward predominantly tonal-oriented, highly emotional exposition. By breaking with the historic conventions of form, Pettersson was able to develop an entirely new, exciting symphonic design: music like a current of sound, »in search of the song that the soul had once sung«. Wilhelm Stenhammar’s acoustically sumptuous second piano concerto reveals the influence of Brahms and Rachmaninoff, and is among the most frequently performed works of this genre in Sweden. Stenhammar was also interested in producing a characteristically Nordic sound. He focused on clear, honest music and traditional melodies, whereby technical craftsmanship and an almost impressionistic sense of sound merge into compositions with highly aesthetic appeal.

The evening begins with another ›classic‹ of contemporary Swedish music. Ingvar Lidholm’s »Kontakion« is a hymn to the dearly departed, based on a traditional Russian-Orthodox church hymn – a rebellion against religious suppression and a work of intense spiritual strength.

With this programme, General Music Director Stefan Solyom introduces the Staatskapelle and his audience to the fascinating musical complexity of his native Sweden and presents a concert full of discoveries which will have the audience looking forward to more symphonic journeys to the far north in the future.

Introduction: 6.45 pm in the Flügelsaal I (Weimarhalle). The introduction is given in German.