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works by Walter Braunfels and Richard Wagner

2nd Symphony Concert //

Walter Braunfels was one of the most successful opera composers of his times together with Strauss and Schreker. During the Nazi years, however, his music was banned on account of his Jewish background, and he began to fade from public memory. In recent years, his works have made their way back into the repertory. The Staatskapelle Weimar has recorded a CD of Walter Braunfels’s orchestral songs in collaboration with Hansjörg ­Albrecht.

Summarising his grandfather’s enormous opus, Wieland Wagner stated: »The orchestra – that's where it all is – the text behind the text, the universal subconscious that binds Wagner's personae one to the other …« With this in mind, Lorin Maazel tells this epic tale without text, combining all four evenings into one symphonic work. Indeed, from the slow-rising »Rheingold« prelude to the final bars of the »Twilight of the Gods«, we are transported to the heights and depths of the drama – and every single note is pure Wagner.