22 | 02 | 18


ccn weimarhalle




works by Britten, Elgar and Debussy

10th symphony concert //

This year’s symphony concert season concludes with Edward Elgar’s magnificent cello concerto – a piece as dramatic as it is deeply melancholic. The American cellist Alisa Weilerstein, known for the gripping emotionality of her performances, assumes the role of the rhapsodic (first-person) narrator, with whom Elgar erects a final monument to the irrevocably fading Romantic era.

The evening begins with Benjamin Britten’s »Four Sea Interludes« in which he describes a day at the ocean. Following intermission, we present its French counterpart and a fascinating contrast. Leaping across the Channel, we encounter the musical Impressionism of Debussy who navigates the »mysterious affinity between Nature and the Imagination« in »La Mer«. A brilliantly sophisticated feast for the ears. Debussy composed the ›Egyptian dance legend‹ »Khamma« in 1911 featuring strong rhythmic-melodic modu­lations and sharply contoured acoustic contrasts. Stravinsky is just around the corner!