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18 | 02 | 2018 // 19.30 h Tickets
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works by Ludwig van Beethoven and Richard Strauss

6. Symphony Concert //

Ludwig van Beethoven: Ouvertüre zu »Coriolan« op. 62
Ludwig van Beethoven: Konzert für Klavier und Orchester Nr. 3 c-Moll op. 37
Richard Strauss: »Tod und Verklärung« op. 24
Richard Strauss: »Till Eulenspiegels lustige Streiche« op. 28

Befitting Beethoven’s choice of the sombre C minor key, our 6th Symphony Concert examines how we cope with powerful emotions, death and mourning. Beethoven’s only concerto composed in a minor key nonetheless offers several paths to brighter spheres and uses the means »that this instrument [the piano] possesses for the expression of gentle feelings«. In contrast, the military commander Coriolanus is anything but gentle. »I despise every man, yet I know not myself,« he admits in Heinrich von Collin’s
tragedy. In Beethoven’s overture, Coriolanus’ inner conflict plays out in the music. Strauss’ »Death and Transfiguration«, on the other hand, is more about reconsidering the meaning of life, an artist comparing
his ideal with reality in the face of death. Even »Till Eulenspiegel«, whose life follows one merry prank after another, cannot escape his just desserts in the end.

Kirill Karabits (Dirigent)
Sunwook Kim (Klavier)