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30 | 06 | 2018 // 20.00 h Tickets


Open Air Concert at the Weimarhallenpark

Hollywood in the park – Episode 2 //

Take two! When the clapboard strikes, the Staatskapelle Weimar will strike up again for a Film Music Night on the lakeside stage in the Weimarhallenpark. The person responsible for the programme and musical direction is none other than Frank Strobel – one who grew up enthralled by the exciting dialogue between music and moving pictures, with melodramatic twists and sizzling suspense, with highlights and secret tips, with the tinny sounds and musical opulence of Hollywood. The ultimate film music specialist! Close your eyes and let us whisk you away to the dream world of Hollywood movies, revel in your favourite melodies, and immerse yourself in the memories of the most famous stories and legends of the silver screen. Following the brilliant acoustic display of sounds and emotions, look forward to a finale that will bedazzle your eyes and ears when the sky over the Weimarhallenpark erupts in a shower of
glittering fireworks.

Frank Strobel (Dirigent)