The adventures or misadventures of young actors – by Alix

The rehearsals of the project were very intense. For example the dance with Arthur before we started, he used to do exercises to wake up our bodies (it looked more like muscle-strengthening) personally that was not my favourite in the morning. But also the dancing and choreography was very dynamic and the choreography was beautiful. There was a very good understanding between Arthur and us whcih made things much more relaxed. For the choreography, everyone followed and suceeded whether the music was fast or not.

Our week from 20th to 29th of Oct – by Igor

28.10.2018 Presentation for parents and friends in Bydgoszcz, Photos: Karolina Lewandowska

It was very intense and a lot of fun because me, my friends and guys from other countries meet at the project. On this 9 days we did a lot of things like dancing and improvisation. We met our choreographer – Arthur. As it turned out he is very nice and talented. In free time we could go out to the shop or somewhere else. Lucky it happened, on 26th of October was my birthday. On this day we went to the ice rink. It was awesome because I did ice skating like 4 maybe 5 years ago.

At the end I can say about our progress: When we met first time we were a little scary about this differences between us but later we opened up on the others and it was much easier to ccoperate. For me it was an awesome experience and I can’t wait for our trip to France.

Post-Europe on ice – by Ksawery

On Friday, 26th of October our whole group went ice-skating. We caught a tram and got to our destination in a few minutes. At 8pm we got on the ice. Each one of us had different ice-skating experiences. Some of us were very good, however others were beginners. The latter could rent the penguins. Martin used them for the whole time. We then did a penguin race. If we got tired, we could sit on the benches that were close to the rink. The majority of us fell down at least once, but Amos had the most spectacular fall. I came up with the idea of going ice-skating, because not everyone has a ice rink in their city and I knew that we will spend a great time there. At 10pm we came back to the hostel. It was an amazing day, Ksawery.

24.10.2018 Drawings by Ida

We know how to cook or how to make potato pancakes without burning the kitchen – by Jette

On tuesday, October 23, we went cooking together. After a little walk, we were welcomed at Kuchnia Agata.
Our concept for the evening was (except from a cool eating) that Agata made our appetizer and the dessert and the youths make different main dishes.
The Polish group started with traditional pierogi, the French group decided to make ratatouille and different quiches. After several discussions we (the German group) decided to cook potato pancakes and Thai chicken. The point is that no one from our group really knew how to make it, but after several disputes about the right amount of potatoes, a lot of tears while cutting onions and with creativity and wine (of course just for the adults) we created good-tasting potato pancakes. We really don’t know how they became so tasty, but we’re proud to say that our potato pancake plate was the first plate empty.

The arrival in Bydgoszcz – Impressions by Ida

Oh, a text and when I stop I lose. Shit! Poland, yes, we are in Poland. Bydgoszcz to be clear. It’s beautiful and the hostel, too. Waiting…waiting…Tak. Yes. Tak. The food on saturday was nice and a bit dry. Now it’s slowly getting worse. I know names. French names: Amos, Jette, Victoria, Alix, Camille, Igor, Ksawery, Jette, Amos, Jette, Jette. Frog. 7, 11, I can’t concentrate. It’s nice, we’ve got a water cooker in the hostel and a microwave and a Gasherd. Also a complete kitchen I guess but also only one shower for 9 people! Ahh! Amos, Amos, Amos, Amos, Amos, Amos, Amos. I think the hostel room doesn’t have a Balkon, what a pity! The rooms are organized, so I’m in a room with Jette and Theresa. The Polish girls have got the biggest room, I guess, the French girls have got the smallest. The theatre: is smaller than the DNT, I guess. It’s chaotic. We’ve got a tour. They own a lot of bubble wrap. That’s nice. And mannequins. We have seen a play. It was confusing. Shakespeare is weird. The rehearsals were funny. The others are motivated, we played games. Hah! Hih! Hoh! and stuff like that. And we had music. It’s on facebook now, too. Thank you, Robert! It’s a pity that we can’t upload pictures of him. Well, actually not.

The arrival in Bydgoszcz – Impressions by Lee

Hi, I’m Lee I’m in Post-Europe project. I’m an exchange student in Germany. So I’m in the German group. We start trip on 20th of October. We start from Weimar to Erfurt and then we change train again at Berlin after we change train we went directly to Bydgoszcz, Poland. This trip takes 7 hr from Weimar to Bydgoszcz. First we meet friends from other countries that in same project with me. We eat dinner together and sleep in same room that makes us get closer to each other. Next day on 21st of Oct. we start do activity together now I know that every one here is very nice to each other this day. We do a lot of group activity so it makes us know each other more than first time we met. This project will be fun and so interesting.