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Großes Haus / Studiobühne / Foyer / Theaterplatz

Theaterplatz 2
99423 Weimar

by ctiy bus: all citybusses - stopping place »Goetheplatz«
by car: access to Weimar, direction »Zentrum«
basement garage Beethovenplatz (341 parking-lots, parking fee, 7 minutes walking distance)
parking deck Hauptpost, Gerhard-Hauptmann-Str. (300 parking-lots, parking fee, 5 minutes walking distance)
basement garage Atrium (810 parking-lots, parking fee, 10 minutes walking distance)
parking place Hermann-Brill-Platz (free of cost, approx. 15 minutes to go)





Am Kirschberg 4
99423 Weimar

by city bus: line 2, 3, 6, 9 - stopping place »Friedensstraße«, from there straight on the cross Friedensstraße to Am Kirschberg

by car: approach over Friedensstraße or Friedrich-Ebert-Straße, on-site parking at the E-Werk area






Unseco-Platz 1
99423 Weimar

by city bus: all city bus lines – stopping place »Goetheplatz«, from there to the Hauptpost, turn left into Schwanseestr. and after approx. 10 meters on the righthand site cross below the gateway to UNESCO-Platz

by car: access to Weimar, direction Zentrum, follow the signosting Tiefgarage congress centrum neue weimarhalle

basement garage Weimarhalle (86 parking-lots, parking-fee)
parking place Bertuchstr. (150 parking-lots, parking-fee, in sighting distance)
basement garage Weimar Atrium (800 parking-lots, parking-fee, aprox. 5 minutes walking distance)
parking deck Hauptpost, Gerhard-Hauptmann-Str. (300 parking-lots, parking-fee, approx. 5 minutes walking distance)
parking place Hermann-Brill-Platz (free of costs, approx. 10 minutes walking distance)



travel by  train / intercity bus

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