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Weimar Arts Festival


22.8. - 7.9.2014


The Weimar Arts Festival is taking place this year for the 25th time since  its inauguration in 1990, when it was one of the first German-German cultural initivatives after the Fall of the Berlin Wall. At the same time, rhe Weimar Arts Festival is redefining itself again. Together with a whole new team, I have decided to take the words art, festival and Weimar literally and to design an event in which artists of different artistic and geographical origins meet. We have also taken the festive aspect of an arts festival to heart, as the perfect opportunity to bring together audiences and artists, the citizens of Weimar and visitors to our city, younger and older spectators, and encourage them to enter into a dialogue with one another. Finalle, the city of Weimar itself is theme, venue and main actor of this Arts Festival.

Weimar not only stand for cultural heritage, Weimar is also up-to-the-minute. So we will be presenting contemporary artistic positions which in their various ways take up the numerous themes worthy of Weimar´s name. The programme includes contemporary dance as well as theatre plays, exhibitions as well as concerts, all inviting you to look, listen and perhaps even join in and dance. Many of the projects that we have developed specially for Weimar may well enable you to see the city from a new perspective.

You can also meet the festival´s artists close up at our Festival Centre on Theaterplatz, where you will find detailed information about th programme or can simply enjoy a drink. We look forward to making your acquaintance and wish you, and ourselves, a feast of intenxive conversations and encounters.

Christian Holtzhauer
an the Team of the Weimar Arts Festival