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Macbeth //

by William Shakespeare, translation by Heiner Müller

For those who are intrigued at how power functions, how one seizes it, and the price one pays to keep it, »Macbeth« offers a telling example that remains truer than ever. Screenwriters who create TV series like »House of Cards«, revealing the backroom deal-making of the ruling class, have certainly studied their Shakespeare.

Macbeth asks himself: How does one become king? The obvious answer: By disposing of the one who sits on the throne. And with that, he and his wife devise a sinister plan. He places all his faith in a dark prophecy of three »strange sisters« who awaken his secret, unspoken desire for glory and power. Driven by ambition, pressured by his lady, and tormented by a neurotic fear of losing the throne he has seized, Macbeth becomes a serial killer who does away with all, whom he believes, stands in his way. And that includes anyone who questions his actions – ultimately the entire world.

Director Christian Weise stages this tragedy of despotism, abuse of power and personal downfall in a fictitious »Weimar House«. In a place that has seen the city’s glory and misery accumulate, he presents this Shakespearean nightmare as an opulent farce. Together with members of the DNT theatre ensemble, the leads will be played by Corinna Harfouch and Susanne Wolff.

Deutsches Nationaltheater Weimar, Kunstfest Weimar

Christian Weise (Regie)
Julia Oschatz (Bühne / Video)
Lane Schäfer (Kostüme)
Jens Dohle / Steffen Illner (Musik)
Bahadir Hamdemir (Video-Support)
Beate Seidel (Dramaturgie)


Corinna Harfouch / Susanne Wolff (Macbeth/ Lady Macbeth)
Bernd Lange (Duncan)
Oscar Olivo (Banquo)
Krunoslav Šebrek (Macduff)
Thomas Kramer (Malcolm)