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02 | 06 | 2018
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Giuseppe Verdi

A Masked Ball  //

[Un ballo in maschera]

Opera in three acts · Text by Antonio Somma based on Eugène Scribe's drama »Gustav III. ou le bal masqué«
In Italian with German subtitles

A conspiracy is afoot against Count Riccardo, but he is forewarned by his loyal servant and friend Renato. Nonetheless, Riccardo plans to hold a masked ball to which he also invites Renato's wife Amelia, in whom he is secretly in love. One night he confronts her and succeeds in getting her to confess her love for him. Suddenly Renato shows up, catching them by surprise. In a jealous rage, Renato joins the conspirators and becomes their assassin - he kills Riccardo during the masked ball at the same moment he renounces his love to Amelia and bids her farewell.

In a quick sequence of scenes, embellished with rich details and an opulent atmosphere, Verdi relates a poignant and impressive tale based on a true historical occurrence - the assassination of the Swedish King Gustav III in 1792. He plays with contrasts to highest degree: grand, lyrical melodic arcs are punctuated by dance-like, rhythmically pulsating themes and the conspirators' contrapuntal staccato motifs.

Eva-Maria Höckmayr, known for her psychological approach to staging major works of the opera canon, has already gained acclaim in Weimar for her impressive interpretation of Puccini's "Madama Butterfly". She will now direct Verdi's "Masked Ball". She continues to work at theatres in Freiburg, Cologne, Darmstadt, Graz, Berlin and Frankfurt, where she most recently directed "Les Troyens".

Stefan Lano (Musikalische Leitung)
Eva-Maria Höckmayr (Regie)
Volker Thiele (Bühne)
Julia Rösler (Kostüme)
Bahadir Hamdemir (Video)
Kathrin Kondaurow (Dramaturgie)
Markus Oppeneiger (Choreinstudierung)


Nadine Weissmann (Ulrica)
Caterina Maier / SuJin Bae / Jolana Slavíková (Oscar)
Henry Neill (Silvano)
Daeyoung Kim (Samuel)
Andreas Koch (Tom)
Walter Farmer Hart (Oberster Richter)
Jens Schmiedeke / Xiaoyu Wei (Diener Amelias)
Jaesig Lee (Riccardo)
Alik Abdukayumov (Renato)
Camila Ribero-Souza (Amelia)