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by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Don Giovanni //

Dramma giocoso in two acts, libretto by Lorenzo Da Ponte in Italian with German subtitles

The characters in Mozart's »Don Giovanni« are stereotypes of people we might have encountered in our own lives. The composer and lyricist Lorenzo Da Ponte holds them up to us like a mirror which can evoke shame, pride, emotion and even despair. Mozart introduces us to his characters by allowing their every facet and dimension resonate. Thanks to him and his music, these fictional characters become real people whose fates we truly empathise with. He describes the punishment of the dissolute Don Giovanni, a playboy well past his prime. Together with his servant Leporello, he pursues a restless life. As long as he is on the move, as long as he seduces and successfully flees, he is safe from his own fears. He is consumed by a voracity for life, running away from emptiness. But this time, nothing seems to work for him - in the night he spends with Donna Anna, Donna Elvira and Zerlina.
By staging three of Da Ponte's operas (»The Marriage of Figaro«, »Don Giovanni« and »Così fan tutte«), general music director Kirill Karabits highlights the richness of Mozart's music - a richness that could only arise from the collaboration between the masterful lyricist Da Ponte and the unrivalled theatre magician Mozart. The opera is directed by Demis Volpi, who began his artistic career as a dancer and choreographer at Stuttgart Ballet and was chosen as »Young Artist of the Year« in 2017 by the opera magazine Opernwelt for his production of »Death in Venice« at the Stuttgart Staatsoper.


Trailer: Marius Böttcher


Kirill Karabits / Dominik Beykirch (Musikalische Leitung)
Demis Volpi (Regie)
Tatyana van Walsum (Bühne und Kostüme)
Udo Schneeweiß (Puppenbauer)
Dirk Rauscher (Video)
Hans-Georg Wegner (Dramaturgie)
Marianna Voza (Choreinstudierung)


Uwe Schenker-Primus (Don Giovanni)
Emma Moore / Heike Porstein (Donna Anna)
Artjom Korotkov / Jaesig Lee (Don Ottavio)
Daeyoung Kim / Andreas Koch (Komtur)
Camila Ribero-Souza (Donna Elvira)
Alik Abdukayumov / Oleksandr Pushniak (Leporello)
Henry Neill (Masetto)
SuJin Bae / Jolana Slavíková (Zerlina)