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E-Werk Kesselsaal
15 | 11 | 2014
1 h 40 min
16 and older





Tracy Letts

Killer Joe //

A totally twisted deep-fried texas redneck murder story

A trailer located on the outskirts of Dallas, Texas.

Life is already bleak here – but it can always get bleaker. In a small trailer, the alcoholic Ansel Smith and his new wife Sharla, who works at »Pizza Hut« live with Dottie, Ansel’s somewhat mentally challenged daughter. His son Chris, thrown out by his mother, shows up at his father’s doorstep. Chris can’t seem to get his life together, but at least he keeps an eye on his sister.

To make matters worse, Chris screwed up by dealing drugs, gambled and owes money to some really nasty thugs – either he pays up or else. Suddenly he hits upon the solution to all their problems – his mother has a life insurance policy, and if someone were to elegantly »do her in«, there would be a nice pay-off. He tells the others of his plan, and they – as long as they get their piece of the pie – have no problem with it. And so they hire the contract killer Joe Cooper – a professional in every way. And pricey. To keep him happy, they promise him Dottie as a »down payment«. But whoever deals with Joe Cooper ends up making a deal with the devil.

»Killer Joe« has played in 15 countries and in 12 languages, and was the breakthrough for the Chicago star playwright and actor Tracy Letts. Only an American can be so brutally crude, comical and psychologically sensitive to write such a piece. Tracy Letts, currently starring in the successful »Homeland« series, received the Pulitzer Prize for his play »August: Osage County« in 2008. With »Killer Joe« and the young Texan director Brian Bell, who is personally familiar with Tracy Letts’ world, we are bringing a bit of America to classical Weimar, served with Bloody Marys and burgers at the E-Werk.