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11 | 05 | 2019
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DNT unterwegs
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World premiere

On the edge //

Performance with dance, music and spoken language

For the first time ever, dancers from Landestheater Eisenach and actors from the DNT Weimar will be performing a collaborative artistic piece titled »On the edge«. The aim of the encounter is to mutually explore and apply the specific methods employed by the other genre. When does movement become acting? How important is language in one's performance? How does one create a scenic form? Where does one's personal style originate?

In this way, »On the edge« aims to express the positions and views of a generation of young artists who are forcefully and individually forging a path against a barrage of social upheavals and debates regarding our shared values. The production will also incorporate music and texts from a wide variety of sources. The choreographer Andris Plucis and director Hasko Weber are jointly preparing for this encounter and will oversee the collaboration together.

A co-production with the Landestheater Eisenach

Choreography: Andris Plucis
Stage direction: Hasko Weber

Andris Plucis / Hasko Weber (Choreografie / Regie)
Sarah Antonia Rung (Bühne und Kostüme)
Lisa Evers (Dramaturgie)


Nahuel Häfliger
Marcus Horn
Simone Müller
Jonas Schlagowsky
Anna Windmüller
Laura Sophie Heise (Tänzerin)
Karin Honda (Tänzerin)
Shuten Inada (Tänzer)
Andrea De Marzo (Tänzer)
Gaia Zanirato (Tänzerin)