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06 | 09 | 2018
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World premiere · by Jörn Klare

Remaining Life (Restleben) //

A family is summoned to a windowless room. The words »resource adjustment« are printed on the invitation. The room is under video surveillance, and every so often, cube-shaped morsels of food are pushed through an opening in the wall. The family learns of the purpose of their visit as the events unfold. The family members spanning three generations engage in an existential discussion on the fundamentals of coexistence and the value of human life in a world in which software determines who lives and who dies.
In the play »Remaining Life«, the audience is confronted with a futuristic vision of a world in which computer algorithms monitor and control human lives: from the distribution of food, water and energy to the allocation of (life)time. What started as an attempt to save humanity from the imminent threat of climate collapse became a comprehensive system of control which did away with freedom and self-determination and ultimately the inviolability of human dignity. Humans were no longer required to make decisions - from then on, private and social life were subject to a simple cost-benefit calculation.
In his new dystopian comedy written for the DNT, Jörn Klare addresses some of society's most pressing problems at a time when the world struggles with exploding population growth and the impact it has on resource consumption and climate change. This new play follows Klare's successful piece »Milked«, also commissioned by the DNT.
Director Sebastian Martin regularly stages plays at the DNT, and most recently, the production of »Michael Kohlhaas« and the »Heroes!« series.

Stage director: Sebastian Martin
Set design: Kaja Bierbrauer
Costume design: Alexander Grüner
Dramaturgy: Carsten Weber

Premiere on 6 Sep. 2018
at the Studiobühne

Sebastian Martin (Regie)
Kaja Bierbrauer (Bühne)
Alexander Grüner (Kostüme)
Danny Schwark (Video)
Carsten Weber (Dramaturgie)


Sebastian Kowski (Rainer)
Max Landgrebe (Pascale)
Nadja Robiné (Rosa)
Julius Kuhn (Troy)
Simone Müller (Oriana)
Jonas Schlagowsky (Chatacka)