24 | 08 | 19


Valeriy Sokolov

Artist in Residence


Many have compared his violin performances to those of Yehudi Menuhin’s, whose school he started attending at age 13. Indeed, the primary goal of the Ukrainian violinist Valeriy Sokolov is to personally master important works so that he can then share them with the audience. He is known to be an extremely serious artist – not a »young, wild« musician, but one who attempts to find himself in the beauty of the music. The tonal aspect plays a key role as it represents the »physical expression of ideas« which makes a musician’s life an adventure.

Born in 1986, Sokolov is now a world-renowned violinist. He has received wide-spread acclaim for his interpretation of both Bartók concerts whose inner dynamics he explores down to the last detail. Sokolov, who still maintains close contacts with his Ukrainian homeland, will also perform the world premiere of a violin concerto by his compatriot Valentin Silvestrov in Weimar.