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Talk in the Ivory Tower about »Caligula« // Series of talks on new musical theater productions

Opera director Andrea Moses discusses essential topics of new productions with representatives from politics, economy, science, culture and other experts of reality.

Dirk Schmeding and his team found "immensely gripping, apt images full of blackness" for the opera "Caligula" by Detlev Glanert, according to BR. Caligula, who despairs of the absurdity of life over the death of his beloved sister, wants to use radical means to make his truth - "People die and are happy" - believable to the people.

As guests we welcome Prof. Dr. Henrik Walter, head of the research area Mind & Brain at the Charité Berlin, and psychotherapist Robert Baum. Together we will discuss whether Caligula's finding is true and what dealing with people's happiness and unhappiness can look like.

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