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7. Symphony Concert

works by Johannes Brahms

Johannes Brahms: Akademische Festouvertüre c-Moll op. 80
Johannes Brahms: Konzert für Violine und Orchester D-Dur op. 77
Johannes Brahms: Sinfonie Nr. 1 c-Moll op. 68

One of the programmes on our US tour exclusively features works by Brahms – a programme that we felt should definitely be shared with our Weimar audience. After all, Brahms’ sensitively woven motifs
with their blossoming melodic strains correspond to the historical development of the Staatskapelle’s musical ideal. Following a radiant opening, the powerful violin concerto is one of the central works of its
genre: music that closely interweaves the solo part and the orchestra without all the showiness of virtuosity. Brahms worked on his first symphony for almost fifteen years. He found it hellishly
difficult to distance himself from the standards of orchestration which Beethoven had established. It is understandable that Brahms was upset when Hans von Bülow praised his finished piece as »Beethoven’s Tenth«. For this is a genuine Brahms piece through and through, which – despite its noble pathos and effective »from darkness to light« dramaturgy – offers listeners a completely autonomous symphonic idea.


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7. Symphony Concert
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  • N.N. (Dirigent)
  • Valeriy Sokolov (Violine)