• Studiobühne
  • Premiere 26.01.2022

Paarlaufen II

or At least six people run after luck, but luck, as Brecht said, runs after them // Comedy by Jean-Michel Räber · Double Premiere with Ingolstadt City Theater

Kai cannot believe his ears. One minute he is a conscientious advertising copywriter at the company Bronsky and Brothers, the next he is booted out. Of course, the crisis, what else. "Take it as an opportunity," Kai still hears his ex-boss Bronsky say. Opportunity for what, Kai might ask himself. Then the respectable Kai is suddenly seized by tremendous energy: and with him, a wooden sculpture that adorned Bronsky's desk is now leaving the company. That this theft is the trigger for that sub-line of Jean-Michel Räber's play is, of course, something Kai cannot suspect at this moment. For a start, he sells the sculpture to gallery assistant Rosa. Rosa, on the other hand, can hardly believe her eyes and heart when she meets Kai, who introduces himself to her as Micha Sovrino. With a new artist self under his belt, Kai-Micha sets off for home. For her part, wife Luise cannot believe her ears when he reveals to her that he has big plans. And Bronsky? Absolutely must have the lost sculpture back because he, too, has big plans. The thief is quickly identified. But as he presently cannot be found, Bronsky without hesitation puts pressure on Kai's wife Luise and gives her an ultimatum. Yet before it can come to the grand finale, the whole story pauses abruptly. Time to turn to famous adventurer Percy Fawcett. Likewise a visionary, he left a sculpture of no small concern to posterity and happens to be a distant relative of Bronsky. Is this where the Gordian knot is hidden to resolve the situation, which has become rather confused by now? And what is it about Otto Schluchter, on whose couch Rosa cures her soul every week and who comes into possession of a mysterious sculpture at this very moment?

Jean-Michael Räber's play, written in 2020, is a fast-paced thriller, a diagnosis of the times and a ray of hope all in one. The author succeeds here in a kind of dramatic solace. Although his characters must first face unheard-of circumstances and experience failure as well as loss, they subsequently regain confidence through their own efforts, take their fate and their future into their own hands, and ultimately create something entirely new.

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  • Swaantje Lena Kleff (Regie)
  • Thilo Reuther (Bühne & Kostüme)
  • Ludwig Peter Müller (Musik)
  • Eva Bormann (Dramaturgie)
  • Annelie Korn (Ich, Rosa Richter, Abigail Bottomberg)
  • Anna Windmüller (Ich, Luise Altmann, Verkäuferin, Victoria Sophie Duchess of Cumberland)
  • Sebastian Kowski (Ich, Carl Bronsky, Verkäufer)
  • Nahuel Häfliger (Ich, Otto Schluchter, Q&A, Maxi)
  • Krunoslav Šebrek (Ich, Kai Altmann, Percy Fawcett)
Wed 26.01.2022 // 20.00 o´clock Premiere


Thu 10.02.2022 // 20.00 o´clock


Fri 25.02.2022 // 20.00 o´clock Sold out possibly remaining tickets at the box office
Tue 01.03.2022 // 20.00 o´clock