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  • Fri 14.04.2023 // 20.00 o´clock // Premiere
  • Studiobühne
  • Premiere 14.04.2023

The Shape of Things

Play by Neil LaBute

Adam, who moonlights as a guard in a museum, is only just able to stop art student Evelyn from »decorating« a male sculpture with a sprayed-on penis. An act of protest for Evelyn, but clearly a breach of the rules for him. And yet shy Adam is fascinated by the self-confident woman, summons all his courage and asks Evelyn out – unaware that she will completely turn his life upside down. The two quickly become a couple and Evelyn increasingly transforms her sweetheart into a smart and adored guy: contact lenses instead of glasses, a new haircut, fashionable clothes and a six-pack acquired at the gym. Adam's friends, Jenny and Philip, are not unaware of the initially small and then increasingly obvious changes in him, which they initially comment on with teasing. Until they increasingly hold Evelyn responsible for Adam's metamorphosis and begin to question his new girlfriend. But Jenny and Philip too soon become pawns in a much larger experiment ...

Where are the limits of what we, often hastily, call manipulation? How far can one go to make one's own visions come true?

Jan Remmers has been an assistant director at the DNT since the 20/21 season. Remmers is making his directorial debut with the production of LaBute's play »The Shape of Things«, which begins as a love story and ends in a thriller.

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  • Jan Remmers (Regie)
  • Elena Dörnemann (Bühne & Kostüme)
  • Eva Bormann (Dramaturgie)
  • Marcus Schale (Licht)
  • Isabel Tetzner (Evelyn)
  • Fabian Hagen (Adam)
  • Annelie Korn (Jenny)
  • Martin Esser (Phillip)
Fri 14.04.2023 // 20.00 o´clock Premiere