Dates & Tickets
  • Sat 27.05.2023 // 19.00 o´clock // Premiere
  • Studiobühne
  • Premiere 27.05.2023
  • Age from 16 years


Play developed by and with young people from Weimar

»Do you still remember the first snowfall in a late autumn or winter of your childhood? It was like the arrival of another reality. Something shy, rare, coming to visit us, sinking down and transforming the world around us, without our doing, as an unexpected gift.« (Hartmut Rosa)

Starting from the word »snow«, from initial associations with it and existing literary texts, six young people set out to find their own poetic approach. How do you remember your first impressive experience with this water frozen into crystals? Snow is a natural phenomenon that envelops us, pacifies us and for many people is linked to childhood memories. But snow can also be a force of nature that destroys what it covers. For many, it becomes an annual sporting challenge. And yet, as climate change progresses, we do not know whether it will still snow in winter in the future. Or in spring, in summer or never again?

In dance and movement workshops and joint research, we are developing an evening of theatre based on no pre-existing material, which should be as playful and light as snowflakes and may end up as massive as an avalanche thundering into the valley.

We hope you will melt with enthusiasm.

We are looking for interested participants* starting with the 22/23 season.

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  • Angelika Andrzejewski (Regie)
  • Isabell Marx (Bühne und Kostüme)
  • Philipp Münnich (Musik)
  • Maya Gomez (Choreografie)
  • Stephan Mahn (Dramaturgie)
  • Paula Baginski
  • Francis-Romeo Behnemann
  • Lina Herrmann
  • Yanai Getslev
  • Gergely Hrubos
  • Gregor Bleicher
  • Lotta Albrecht
  • Johannes Hahn
  • Lena Kratz
  • Ikbal Kiran
Sat 27.05.2023 // 19.00 o´clock Premiere