© Fabian Schellhorn
© Fabian Schellhorn
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An evening by and with Barbara Schnitzler and Nikolai Orloff

»Everything has its time. Gathering stones, scattering stones. Planting trees, cutting down trees. Living and dying and peace and strife ...« - In 1973, the Puhdys song »Wenn ein Mensch lebt« made the verses, which are 2500 years old, a hit. Around the time that accompanies us all, revolve the songs and lyrics that Barbara Schnitzler presents together with the pia nist Nikolai Orloff on this evening: Songs by Hermann van Veen, Hanns Eisler, Max Raabe, Robert Schumann, Helge Schneider, Rainald Grebe and - of course - the Puhdys. Texts by Erich Kästner, Bertolt Brecht, Mascha Kaléko, Hilde Domin and Reiner Kunze, among others.

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