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Mauricio Kagel's »The Tribune« as a project travelling across Thuringia: story cafés, performances and exhibitions // TORSTEN FISCHER & DOMINIQUE HORWITZ

Mauricio Kagel's »The Tribune« as a project travelling across Thuringia: story cafés, performances and exhibitions

In the context of the latest developments in Europe, Mauricio Kagel's »The Tribune« has again become acutely topical: First produced in 1979 at the height of the Argentinian military dictatorship under General Videla, it depicts a timeless situation: the head of state is making an interminable speech from the balcony of his residence. He is encouraged by the reactions from a non-existent audience that are added on tape.

The piece unmasks the manipulative techniques of language: »no ideology, from the extreme left to the furthest right, can be exonerated from suspicion that it could if necessary be used to support demagogic, misleading or blatantly untrue statements«, Kagel writes. »What is remarkable is how vocabulary is linked to precise inaccuracy.« So, by changing its political context, the same speech will permit another, equally »plausible« interpretation from the opposite political perspective.

This mobile production is part of the discourse, exhibition and theatre cycle »Dirty Talking – Thuringian Temptations« with which KUNSTFEST WEIMAR 2022 will again tour to familiar and unusual venues all over Thuringia. An open call was issued for the project in May, inviting Thuringians to share their stories about political and social Thuringian »temptations« past, present and future. Chosen contributions will be used in the performances dedicated to specific locations. The open call is supplemented by a series of story cafés in the various locations – further information can be found via www.kunstfest-weimar.de. The Thuringia-based star actor Dominique Horwitz will play the title role, under the guidance of opera and theatre director Torsten Fischer.


Termine Thüringenweit
27. Aug Friedrichsrode
29. Aug Neustadt/Orla
30. Aug Suhl
01. Sep Rudolstadt
02. Sep Diedorf
03. Sep Eisenach
04. Sep Finsterbergen
04. Sep Meiningen
06. Sep Gera
07. Sep Schmalkalden
08. Sep Greiz
09. Sep Burgk
10. Sep Kleinneundorf
11. Sep Erfurt

Prices for the project "The Tribune" vary depending on the location and tariff of each organizer.

Karten - 10 € | ermäßigt ab 6 € Dauer - 70 Minuten Nicht barrierefrei! Infos zu den korrespondierenden Ausstellungen finden Sie .

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