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  • Age from 5 years old

The ugly duckling and the christmas goose Auguste

Winged Christmas stories by Hans Christian Andersen and Friedrich Wolf told by Johanna Geißler and Sebastian Kowski. Musically accompanied by Ludwig Müller

Storytelling is as much a part of Advent as gingerbread, candles and the smell of incense: Hans Christian Andersen's ugly duckling hatches from an egg that is much too big and doesn't want to fit in at all with Mother Duck's chickens. Mocked and ostracized, it sets off on its journey and experiences an exciting odyssey that only ends when it has become a beautiful white swan. And Friedrich Wolf's goose Auguste, which was actually intended as a feast, wins the love of the whole family. A listening pleasure for the whole family!

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  • Ludwig Peter Müller (Musik)
  • Johanna Geißler
  • Sebastian Kowski