Informationen zu unserem Catering finden Sie in Kürze hier.

Before the performances and during the breaks as well as during the premiere celebrations, the catering of Gretchen's Restaurant from the Family Hotel Weimar will entertain you.


Food and drinks in the foyer of the Deutsches Nationaltheater

Laugenbrezel       2,00 €
Wiener Würstchen mit Senf und Brot    2,50 €
3 Canapés
mit geräuchertem Lachs, Mailänder Salami, Schnittkäse
   4,50 €
Mediterraner Teller
mit gegrilltem Gemüse, luftgetrocknetem Schinken, 
Mailänder Salami, Oliven, Käsevariation und Baguette
  13,50 €
Glas Riesling Sekt 0,10 l   4,50 €
Thüringer Waldquell, Mineralwasser   0,20 l   2,00 €
Orangensaft, Fahner  0,20 l  3,00 €
Vita Cola  0,20 l  3,00 €
Radeberger Pils  0,25 l  3,00 €
Clausthaler, alkoholfreies Bier 0,33 l  3,00 €
Bionade Holunder 0,33 l  3,00 €
Glas Weisswein
Chardonnay, Cantina di Custoza, Italien
0,20 l  5,50 €
Glas Rotwein 
Merlot, Cantina di Custoza, Italien
0,20 l  5,50 €
Ferdis Theaterkantine – Nationaltheater Weimar

We are also happy to accept your order for your theatre visit. Please send us an e-mail to with the date of your theatre visit and the booked performance as well as your order. Payment is due before the performance at the bar in the foyer. Please note that card payment is not possible.


We look forward to seeing you!