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Machine and boiler room

In 1897, the construction of a power station began on the Weimar Kirschberg, which one year later supplied electricity to the city's inhabitants for the first time. Shortly after the plant was built, a tram network was built in the summer of 1899, which was also supplied with energy from Kirschberg. The old tram depot, which has meanwhile become an art house cinema, has been preserved from Weimar's short tram phase: the Lichthaus Kino. Until 1996 the boilers of the power station were running, then these were also only history and the industrial monument began a second career as a place of art and culture.

Since the 2000/2001 season, the building complex with its former machine and boiler room has served as a secondary venue for DNT drama and music theatre. With its charm of the provisional, the E-Werk has developed into a cultural attraction, especially for young audiences; the E-Werk offers directors, choreographers and musicians a variable play space.

Starting in the 2013/14 season, the E-Werk will feature not only plays and adaptations of novels by contemporary authors and play developments, but also classic productions and chamber music adaptations of the classical opera repertoire. The Kesselsaal will also continue to be used as a space for unconventional discussion series and event formats.



Technical data

Detailed technical data can be found in our technical rider.
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Machine room

Permanently installed spectator platform with 176 seats, increase to 199 possible


Scene area 12 x 12 m on a platform construction

Traverse construction (rigg) with electric drive that can be moved horizontally and vertically in set-up mode for mounting lighting and sound equipment (no stage decoration):
Rigg dimensions: width 12.20m, length 12.50m, truss spacing approx. 2.50m
Load-bearing capacity: External trusses (left and right): 80 kg/m, other trusses: 45 kg/m


Boiler room

Variable seating, max. 80 seats


How to find us

At the Kirschberg 4
99423 Weimar, Germany

by public transport: Line 2, 3, 6, 9 - stop Friedensstraße, from there via the intersection Friedensstraße into the junction Am Kirschberg
by car: approach via Friedensstraße or Friedrich-Ebert-Straße, parking available on the E-Werk site