The Deutsches Nationaltheater and the Staatskapelle Weimar (DNT) are among the most traditional institutions of their kind in Germany. Schiller's "Wallenstein", Wagner's "Lohengrin" or Humperdinck's "Hänsel und Gretel" were premiered here. It was here that the National Assembly drafted and passed Germany's first democratic constitution in 1919. Today the DNT offers a broad repertoire of opera, drama and concerts at a high artistic level. The Stiftung Deutsches Nationaltheater und Staatskapelle Weimar - Staatstheater Thüringen (DNT Foundation) wants to enable citizens and business enterprises to share responsibility and thus financially secure the existence and quality of the DNT's work. It brings together people who actively support the preservation of Weimar's historical heritage and cultural diversity as benefactors, donors and volunteers. The DNT Foundation does not want and cannot assume compulsory tasks of the state. It sees its commitment as part of a concerted effort to create a sustainable basis for the German National Theatre and the Staatskapelle Weimar.

The DNT Foundation was set up in 2002 with the help of the Förder- und Freundeskreis. Thanks to the commitment of generous private individuals and companies, the foundation's assets have now grown to approximately € 160,000. Its proceeds are used exclusively for the benefit of the theatre and the Staatskapelle. But this is only a beginning. In order to increase the earnings, the basic stock has to be increased.

You use this to set a character for

  • civic engagement in a social task
  • Theatre and music culture in our country of the highest quality
  • Weimar's international appeal as a cultural centre of classical and modern art
  • Passing on the best cultural and democratic traditions to the next generation


Donation by bank transfer

With your endowment - or also donation -, with your determination of a legacy or an inheritance, you have various possibilities to actively support the goals and projects of the foundation. We will be happy to provide you with information, advice and support. You can also authorize us to debit recurring donations from your account by direct debit. We will be happy to send you a direct debit authorization and provide the necessary tax certificates. All benefits are tax deductible. We need your complete address so that we can send you a certificate.

Please transfer your donation to the account of the foundation:

Stiftung Deutsches Nationaltheater und Staatskapelle Weimar
Sparkasse Mittelthüringen
Account number: 301 032 203 · BLZ 820 510 00
IBAN: DE41820510000301032203



Testamentary donations

In your will, you can dedicate any amount of money to the DNT Foundation. One formulation could be: "I/we bequeath a sum of money to the DNT Foundation of ... €.". Please note that wills are only valid if they have either been written by hand or notarised by a notary public. Bequests and inheritances are fully tax-exempt.

Stiftertafel in the foyer and exclusive events

We would like to thank all those who are committed to the theatre: For donations of 5000 € or more, your name, but not the amount, will be mentioned on a plaque in the foyer of the Deutsches Nationaltheater Weimar. For companies, the minimum amount is 10,000 €. Donors are invited to special events.



Statutes of the Foundation (excerpt)
§2 Purpose of the Foundation

(1) The Foundation shall serve to promote the German National Theatre and the Staatskapelle as an independent multi-part theatre in Weimar, in particular through

a. Promotion of the Deutsches Nationaltheater and the Staatskapelle Weimar with a view to supporting individual productions and performances as well as other events under the responsibility of the Deutsches Nationaltheater and the Staatskapelle and the Foundation itself;
b. Support for the improvement of the venues of the Deutsches Nationaltheater and the Staatskapelle Weimar;
c. Support for the public relations work of the Deutsches Nationaltheater and the Staatskapelle Weimar;
d. Procurement of material and financial means for the benefit of the aforementioned institutions;
e. Fiduciary assistance in setting up and administering dependent foundations for the aforementioned purposes;
f. To introduce young people to music and theatre;
g. Education of young artists in all fields as well as similar tasks, which are charitable or social in the sense of the tax code. Since the simultaneous fulfilment of all foundation purposes can only be pursued when sufficient funds are available, the Board of Directors is happy to decide. Until then, the Executive Board will decide in accordance with para. 3 on the promotion of individual foundation purposes.

(2) By acquiring additional endowments, the Foundation shall attempt to extend the financial support of the Deutsches Nationaltheater and the Staatskapelle Weimar in such a way that, with sufficient endowment capital, sponsorship of the Deutsches Nationaltheater and the Staatskapelle Weimar becomes possible.

(3) The Executive Board shall decide on the fulfilment of the Foundation's purpose and the granting of Foundation benefits. The prerequisite for the awarding of foundation services is that the eligibility for funding has been sufficiently proven.

(4) There is no legal entitlement to the granting of foundation benefits.


§3 Non-profit status

(1) The foundation pursues exclusively and directly charitable purposes within the meaning of the section "Tax-privileged purposes" of the Tax Code. The Foundation acts selflessly. It does not engage in business activities and does not primarily pursue its own economic purposes.

(2) The funds of the Foundation may only be used for statutory purposes. The founders and their legal successors do not receive any contributions from the foundation's funds. No person may be favoured by expenses that are alien to the purpose of the foundation or by disproportionately high remuneration.

(3) The preceding provisions of § 3 cannot be amended.


§5 Foundation assets

(1) The foundation's assets at the time of establishment amount to € 38,346.90 (in words: thirty-eight thousand three hundred and forty-six) bank balances.

(2) In the interest of the long-term existence of the Foundation, the value of the assets of the Foundation shall be preserved undiminished. Asset reallocations are permissible for economic reasons.

(3) Contributions grow into the assets of the foundation if they are intended for this purpose (sub-foundations). They may not be subject to conditions or obligations that are incompatible with the purpose of the foundation.

(4) The foundation may administer dependent foundations on a fiduciary basis provided that these are compatible with the purpose of the foundation as defined in § 2.

(5) The Foundation shall fulfil its purposes - after deduction of the administrative costs - from the proceeds of the Foundation's assets and the donations of third parties intended for this purpose (donations).

(6) Free reserves may be formed within the framework of the tax regulations (§ 58 No. 7 of the Tax Code). This is decided by the Foundation's Board of Directors. Amounts transferred to the free reserve grow into the basic assets.

(7) The Foundation shall be entitled to allocate all or part of its income to earmarked reserves (§ 58 No. 6 of the Fiscal Code) if and as long as this is necessary in order to sustainably fulfil its tax-privileged statutory purposes. The Board of Trustees and the Advisory Board decide on this jointly.

(8) The assets of the foundation shall be administered and maintained with the diligence of a prudent businessman.


Who acts for the foundation?

The Board of Directors is happy to provide all interested parties with information, advice and support:
Dr. Michael Knoche (Chairman), Stephan Illert (Deputy Chairman), Antje Bräuer, Peter Förster, Dr. Michael Scholl.

Phone 03643 / 755 301
Fax: 03643 / 755 321

Advisory Board:

Chairman - Prof. Dr. Volkhard Knigge
1st Deputy - General Director Hasko Weber (by virtue of office)
2nd deputy - Ulrike Köppel
Ilka Curtius, Dr. Volkhardt Germer, Lord Mayor Stefan Wolf, Reinhard Bokemeyer, Dieter Bauhaus, General Music Director Kirill Karabits (by virtue of office).