• Großes Haus
  • Age 5

Film concert „Three wishes for Cinderella«

Fairytale movie with live music

In cooperation with the European FilmPhilharmony

»The cheeks smeared with ash, but a chimney sweeper she is not. A hat with feathers, a crossbow across her shoulder, but a hunter she is not. And thirdly: A silvery dress with a train for the ball, but a princess she is not, my honourable lord.« Ever since movie-goers learned the answer to this riddle in 1973, Germany has experienced a true bout of Cinderella mania. In addition to the fascinating landscape shots and catchy musical score, it’s the character of Cinderella which makes this movie adaptation of the fairy tale so special. She is by no means a timid little girl who is defenceless against the cruel treatment by her step-mother and step-sisters. Rather she confidently sets out on her own and takes control of her own fate. But not without a little help from her friends – the horse Nikolaus, the dog Kasperle and the owl Rosalie. And in the end, a good amount of luck and the magic of three hazelnuts change the course of events for Cinderella happily ever after.

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  • Frank Strobel (Dirigent)
  • Giulia Montanari (Solistin)