• Großes Haus
  • Age age 12 and older

West Side Story

Musical by Leonard Bernstein

Based on an idea by JEROME ROBBINS· Script by ARTHUR LAURENTS
The world premiere was staged and choreographed by JEROME ROBBINS

A production with Weimar adolescents, the DNT opera chorus and ensemble


Towering buildings and narrow alleyways. Restless teenage hooligans looking to stir up trouble. The rival gangs of adolescent American boys and Puerto Rican immigrants have divided the city between themselves and skirmish bitterly to defend their territory. Between these battling gangs, Maria and Tony fall in love. Together they try to overcome the constraints of their ethnic background and gang affiliation. Leonard Bernstein and his team transferred the narrative of Shakespeare’s »Romeo and Juliet« to New York of the 1950s and wrote a masterpiece on the competing gangs in the city. But it’s not only the Jets who clash with Sharks in Bernstein’s work, but also progressive jazz with Latin American rhythms. At the DNT, youngsters from Weimar engage in street battles with members of our acting and opera ensembles.

Following the overwhelming success of »Spring Awakening«, Otto A. Thoß now presents his second large-scale musical production featuring young people from Weimar – this time in the main auditorium!


Original Broadway production by Robert E. Griffith and Harold S. Prince in agreement with Roger L. Stevens. The performance rights were acquired in agreement with MUSIC THEATRE INTERNATIONAL (EUROPE) LTD, London. Theatrical distributor in Germany: MUSIK UND BÜHNE Verlagsgesellschaft mbH, Wiesbaden.

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  • Stefan Lano (Musikalische Leitung)
  • Otto A. Thoß (Regie)
  • Philip Rubner (Bühne)
  • Aleksandra Kica (Kostüme)
  • Christine Schramm / Otto A. Thoß (Choreografie)
  • Jan Krauter (Kampftrainer)
  • Judith Drühe (Dramaturgie)
  • Emanuel Winter (Choreinstudierung)
  • Cindy Weinhold (Choreinstudierung Projektchor)
  • Äneas Humm (Riff, Anführer der Jets)
  • Gevorg Aperánts (Tony, dessen Freund)
  • Christoph Kurzweil (Action)
  • Anton Ortmann (Baby John)
  • Maximilian Thom (Snowboy)
  • Gabriel Dörner (A-Rab)
  • Jens Schmiedeke (Big Deal)
  • Theo Bischoff (Diesel)
  • Richard Bergholz (Gee-Tar)
  • Julien Niehl (Mouthpiece)
  • Nicolai Barowski (Tiger)
  • Marko Kürsten (Jet-Mann)
  • Taehwan Kim (Jet-Mann)
  • Stephan Schlömer (Jet-Mann)
  • Julia Gromball (Velma, Freundin von Riff)
  • Sara Drasdo (Graziella, Freundin von Diesel)
  • Cindy Weinhold (Anybodys / Somewhere-Girl)
  • Hanna Krajici (Minnie)
  • Ida Büchner (Pauline)
  • Marie-Luise Fuchs (Clarice)
  • Martina Kirchheim (Jet-Frau)
  • Mirjam Meinhold (Jet-Frau)
  • Gisa Rysch (Jet-Frau)
  • Silvia Schneider (Jet-Frau)
  • Bastian Heidenreich (Bernardo, Anführer der Sharks)
  • Vongani Bevula (Chino, Bernardos Freund)
  • Hardik Chauhan (Pepe)
  • Kilian Zillessen (Indio)
  • Alexander Jürs (Anxious)
  • Philipp Havemann (Luis)
  • Konrad Mohr (Nibbles)
  • Juri Höhne (Juano)
  • Chong Ken Kim (Toro)
  • Frank Uhlemann (Moose)
  • Nobuyuki Miyasaka (Shark-Mann)
  • Xiaoyu Wei (Shark-Mann)
  • Ylva Sofia Stenberg (Maria, Bernardos Schwester)
  • Heain Youn (Anita, Bernardos Freundin)
  • Diana Schnürpel (Rosalia)
  • Susann Günther (Consuela)
  • Karine Minasyan (Francisca)
  • Nathalie Millan Cerezo (Teresita)
  • Miriam Mosafer (Estrella)
  • Nikita Menge (Marguerita)
  • Katinka Muth (Shark-Girl 1)
  • Nora Abra (Shark-Girl 3)
  • Nathalie Millan Cerezo (Shark-Girl 4)
  • Annegret Schodlok (Shark-Frau)
  • Tatjana Winn (Shark-Frau)
  • Katrin Niemann (Shark-Frau)
  • Anne Grethen (Detective Shrank / Glad Hand)
  • Anne Grethen (Officer Krupke)
  • Thomas Nössig (Doc)