© Andreas Schlager
© Andreas Schlager
  • Großes Haus
  • Premiere 12.02.2022


Opera by Detlev Glanert freely adapted from Albert Camus

Libretto by Hans-Ulrich Treichel

A loved one dies and the whole world falls to pieces – this is exactly what happens to the young Roman emperor Caligula. The death of his beloved sister Drusilla throws the young ruler off balance. What follows is an attempt to make the impossible possible and to impose a new logic on the world based on his own truth. Which is: "People are dying and they are not happy." To repeatedly make clear his conviction of this absurdity of life and to assert himself against it as a truly free and independent man, Caligula sacrifices countless human lives in senseless arbitrariness. His reign, which had begun with hope, lasted only four years from 37 to 41 CE and ended in tyranny and finally with his assassination.

Detlev Glanert wrote his opera, which premièred in 2006, based on Albert Camus' drama of the same name. With the help of music, Glanert looks directly into Caligula's unhinged soul. Here, the orchestra itself functions as a ‘body made of music’ through which we look into Caligula's inner world and perceive the other protagonists through his eyes and ears.

Dirk Schmeding began his theatre career as an assistant director at the DNT and is now returning to Weimar as an internationally sought-after director.

With the opera choir of the DNT. The Staatskapelle Weimar plays.

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  • Andreas Wolf (Musikalische Leitung)
  • Dirk Schmeding (Regie)
  • Martina Segna (Bühne)
  • Frank Lichtenberg (Kostüme)
  • Andreas Günther (Who-be) (Video)
  • Yavor Minchev (Live-Kamera)
  • Judith Drühe (Dramaturgie)
  • Jens Petereit (Choreinstudierung)
  • Oleksandr Pushniak (Caligula)
  • Jelena Kordić / Marlene Gaßner (Caesonia )
  • Gerben van der Werf (Helicon )
  • Avtandil Kaspeli (Cherea)
  • Joanna Jaworowska (Scipio)
  • Alexander Günther (Mucius )
  • Uwe Schenker-Primus (Mereia )
  • Daniel Nicholson (Lepidus )
  • Ylva Sofia Stenberg (Livia )
  • Andreas Koch (1. Dichter )
  • Nathaniel Kondrat (3. Dichter )
  • Detlef Koball (4. Dichter )
Sat 12.02.2022 // 19.30 o´clock Premiere


Fri 25.02.2022 // 19.30 o´clock


Sun 06.03.2022 // 18.00 o´clock


Sat 26.03.2022 // 19.30 o´clock


Thu 14.04.2022 // 19.30 o´clock
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Mon 06.06.2022 // 18.00 o´clock