• e-werk weimar (Maschinensaal)

Oh, come back, my unkown god!

Dionysia at e-werk weimar

Dionysus comes to town and opens Passion :SPIEL, the Weimar weekends for contemporary music theater. Echoing baroque festivals and other musical-theatrical forms of celebration, he unleashes a spectacle by proxy for us. The opening dionysia will take place at the e-werk weimar and on the grounds in front of it. A Dionysian closing gesture ends Passion :SPIEL after the last performance.

Admission free with ticket! Admission possible at any time.


With Alexander Günther, Avtandil Kaspeli, Oleksandr Pushniak, Ylva Stenberg, Oliver Luhn, Angelica Monje Torrez, Ai Nagasue, Jasper Sung, Katerina Spanarová as well as members of the Staatskapelle Weimar.

Directed by Marius Schötz & Marthe Meinhold, Musical Conduction Gerd Amelung, Space stage Martin Miotk, Costumes Florian Kiehl, Video Clemens Hornemann

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