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  • Sat 03.06.2023 // 19.30 o´clock // Premiere
  • Großes Haus
  • Premiere 03.06.2023

I Capuleti e i Montecchi - Romeo and Juliet

Italian opera in two acts by Vincenzo Bellini with a libretto by Felice Romani

Vincenzo Bellini's fame is founded on his long-flowing, harmonically expansive melodic lines. Yet the Sicilian opera composer also impressed his audience with energetic discharges, such as the »barbaric« war chorus in »Norma« and the martial duet, »Suoni la tromba« (Sound the trumpet) in »I Puritani«. He shows both faces of his art in the extraordinary Romeo and Juliet opera that will be performed in Weimar.

The play tells, in very different terms to Shakespeare, not of the skirmishes between two hostile families within a city republic, but of a bloody civil war in its final stages: Verona is an ethnically cleansed Capulet enclave where Giulietta's family has entrenched itself. The sweetness and lyricism that blossom in the lovers' duets (Romeo is composed for a mezzo-soprano!) are thwarted by the events of the war; as a ruthless warrior who has slain Giulietta's brother in battle, Romeo is much more likely to belong to the violent male counter-world in which Giulietta must assert herself as the only woman. In the process, she puts her lover's claim to possession, who abuses love as a continuation of war by other means, in its place, as well as her father, driven by a thirst for revenge, and her bridegroom Tebaldo. A key role in the chain of events leading to the couple's double suicide is performed by the doctor Lorenzo, who is given his own narrative sphere in the interludes – veritable »arias without words« with instrumental solos by horn, violoncello and clarinet.

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  • Dominik Beykirch (Musikalische Leitung)
  • Jossi Wieler / Sergio Morabito (Regie & Dramaturgie)
  • Anna Viebrock (Bühne)
  • Anna Scheffel-Brotánková (Co-Bühne)
  • (Kostüme)
  • Ilya Shagalov (Video)
  • Judith Drühe (Dramaturgische Betreuung)
  • Jens Petereit (Choreinstudierung)
  • Oleksandr Pushniak (Capellio)
  • Sayaka Shigeshima (Romeo)
  • Ylva Sofia Stenberg (Giulietta)
  • Taejun Sun (Tebaldo)
  • Uwe Schenker-Primus (Lorenzo)
  • Staatskapelle Weimar
Sat 03.06.2023 // 19.30 o´clock Premiere