• Großes Haus
  • Age from 5 years old

Student concert »Nepomuk & der Rabel - Es wird Winter« (world premiere)

A musical fairy tale by Annika Bosch & Martin Bosch

»... Hello ... Excuse me ... Are you asleep already? May I introduce myself? My name is Raven l...« Thus begins a long friendship between the starling bird Rabel and the little boy Nepomuk. In the first part of the children's radio play, the injured bird takes Nepomuk on an exciting journey through Africa in evening stories. On the way to a mysterious oasis, the little bird meets special animals of the desert who help him find his lost family.

Now a new adventure awaits the two. They get lost during a walk in the swamp, and dense fog prevents them from returning home. Frightened, but also a little fascinated by the mystical atmosphere around them, they wait until the fog lifts. Time seems to stand still, and this time Nepomuk also tells an exciting story about a journey to the North Pole.

In this concert for schoolchildren, the continuation of the story of Nepomuk & the Rabel will be told, and the Staatskapelle Weimar will play along with music from Part I and Part II of the children's radio play. Both parts are interwoven so that even children without insight into the prequel can be captivated.

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  • Giovanni Conti (Dirigent)
  • Annika Bosch (Vermittlung und Gesang)
  • Krunoslav Šebrek / Arthur Landgrebe (Erzähler)
  • Sara Drasdo (Kostüme)